Dear Brothers

I hereby put this pen on paper so that it can spill some ink informing you on how to handle the blessing and curse Mother Nature gave us, being men. I write this for everyone who is ready to think and start acting like a man.

As men there are a set of things, we are supposed to keep on our fingertips all the time. There are values we should uplift and never allow them to be victimized by the oblivion that strikes many of us. Men were designed to be fighters. Men were created to be protectors and soldiers, in spirit. Men should always use their brains accordingly, to build rather than to break. Men should be strong at heart before they proceed to buff up their muscles and enhance their body shapes, the former matter more. Men should never take a step back once they start chasing a dream. We were designed to be providers and love givers, yes always be on top of the game. Earn more and bless more. Men are hunters and hunters do not come back from a spree empty handed, never, it is shameful.

Men are responsible for the people and objects around them. Real men take responsibility of everything that is entitled to their name, failures, successes, flaws, falls, achievements and mistakes. No to the blame game and no to excuses. Real men think before they act. Real men cry too and kneel to pray to what they believe in. That is a strength. Humility and discipline are their virtues. Real men do not find joy in making women cry, for whatever reason it may be. We do not hurt each other; we just have misunderstandings in communication. Revenge is for the weak; just work hard to prove your point and your opponent will be humbled. Stand up for what you believe. Do not be pressured into making decisions you are your own man. Alcohol and drugs will make you feel good but they are not necessities. There is more to life. Merry making is necessary, it makes us relax our minds but overdoing it is costly. Sex is good but it is for the married, be of a patient soul, it does not kill. Some people took life-long vows of chastity and celibacy but they still live happily. Besides, sexually transmitted infections still exist.

Your woman is your pride choose her wisely. All of them have pretty faces and attractive bodies. Choose her because of that which makes her different. The difference that is appealing to you and you alone. If she does not make you smile just by looking at her then probably she is not the one. If she does not make you thank her Creator then probably she is not the one. All of them scream, that is not a good reason to leave her. Your woman should be your source of strength and courage to take up your daily challenges. She should challenge you to think. If she is a thief of your productive time then she is not the one. It is your duty to make her smile and pleased. Red flag, never go into debt trying to please. You should know when you need her and the limits of her influence.

Plenty of times, great men were, led astray by the failure to control her influence. Let us open the Christian Holy Book. The first man Adam was led astray; yes, he ate the forbidden fruit. David let his friend die because of a woman. Samson let his hair cut by a woman. They are our greatest weakness. In my country, a thirty-eight year long reign of a great man was brought to its knees because of a woman’s behavior. You probably have more examples than I do. Real men stay ahead of the situation. Do not let you empire fall in the name of feelings. Keep your energy high, keep on dreaming and keep on winning. You were born to reach greater heights. Cast not an eye on your old man’s empire. Work hard to create yours. As long as planet earth still has free land, work hard to occupy your own space. As long as money is for people and others are making it, work hard to acquire yours. It takes talent to make money and it takes good brains to keep it. When you decide to work, please do not forget to live.

Life is not a race. Go nice and easy. Life is just a journey and you need to take good counsel with you. We are guests on earth, make your stay memorable and leave behind a good legacy. This message was written by a man for a man, I hope you got it right!

Yours Faithfully

Tanaka from Get It Right! For Life

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Mail Delivered!

47 thoughts on “A LETTER TO MY BROTHERS.

    1. Been waiting for you mans.πŸ˜‚ Been waiting for you. I am trynna do big on a daily basis. Your support is priceless. Stay Blessed. Please call again.😊😊


  1. Tanaka, your letter spoke to me loud and clear bro! I was thinking what I could send you back…! Hope you will accept my nomination of you for the Vincent Ehindero Blogging Award, please see my latest blog post for details. I look forward to reading your response to my questions upon acceptance of the award! Congratulations! πŸ˜€

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