Poem: Dear Daughter of the Soil.

I need to know,

What happened to the smile?

What happened to the energy?

What happened to the dreams?

What happened to the glee that glittered your face and skin as the girl everybody admired?

I need to know what happened to the zeal,

What happened to the hopes?

What happened to the future you designed?

You failed to safely define your locus,

Now you cannot even look at us.

Now you cannot even greet us,

But we surely used to be friends.

You can no longer jump around and take selfies like others.

You can no longer smile because the problems of motherhood caught you whilst you were still young.

In a struggling economy your energy is now directed on the upkeep of a little human being.

A human being you never expected but invited by the way you were surviving.

You no longer have time to dream because the number of buses you miss on the road equals the number of cents you are losing.

None of the boys around cast an eye on you anymore,

The father of your child included!

The same thing that happened to your sister has happened to you.

Dear daughter of the soil don’t you learn?

You so wanted to be a nurse but now it is you who is being attended to.

Apart from your child you now have a virus too!

A virus that is going to be with you forever like a tattoo.

A virus that needs as much attention as your son.

A virus you do not want to openly talk about but we all know you have it.

All this is upon you now because of your impatience,

All this now because you were enticed by the meaningless words of a rascal that possesses not even a penny,

All this now simply because you wanted to experiment.

An experiment that was always going to come your way but at the right time.

I just want to know what happened to that good girl.


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