Once upon a time in the small town I reside in, an interesting event occurred. There was a man who had a dispute with his workmate. Driven by anger he made a decision to attack his companion during the time he was going home. His plan worked successfully. Using a machete, he successfully murdered his friend and decided to throw the weapon into a river. In no time, the story came to the surface and as the investigations were in progress, the detectives kindly asked the murderer to lead them to the scene so that perhaps they could recover the fateful weapons used. To everyone’s surprise, after searching the part of the river where the supposed to be machete was thrown, an AK 47 rifle was found. The murderer mourned, finally.

At some boarding school in the jungles of Zimbabwe, another interesting event took place. A scholar had a dispute with a dormitory mate. Quarrels broke out, everything angry people do was done and eventually one of the two decided to aggress towards the other. It is not known if it was indeed by accident or intentional but eventually one of the two was forcefully pushed. He fell on the ground and took his last breathe. The winner of the argument/dorm-mate murderer cried bitterly, in deep regret.

We all heard stories or were first hand witnesses of events where the ultimate worst situation turns up when no one is expecting. Events where the last thing that could happen actually happens and witnesses are left short of words. Upon paying close attention to detail and making analogical conclusions, I discovered that the events that happen on earth work as cascades. Sadly, as humans we lose control once we initiate a process. The good thing is that we are blessed with room for choice. All deeds under the sun have been subjected to fall into one of the two categories, good deeds and bad deeds. From the two categories we can then choose, the rest that follows is beyond our control. “Bad deeds,” are followed by a series of “bad events” or simply undesirable events. Once again, these we cannot control. A cascade of events associated with goodwill follows “Good deeds.” Once again, these we cannot control, although we wish we could. The problem that we have as humans is that we have a tendency to forget that feelings come and go. We forget that we have brains, which are perfect for decision making and we have to use them well. We put forward emotions to rule ahead of the brains. We allow temporary sensations to take over the jobs of our brains. It is a weakness. Sadly, when all this occurs we choose the not so good cascade to follow us.

Given the chance to cross examine the two murders in the first two stories told earlier, the most probable answer would be “It just happened,” or “I did not intend to do so,” amongst the various answers that present nothing but confusion. Yes, the confusion always come because we lose control at an early stage. It is important to know when to stop and put the brain in full control. It is vital to pay attention to options. It is crucial to know the button to press before control is lost. The man in the first event was finally brought to his knees and tears ran down his cheeks because it turned out that he was betrayed by his choice. After admitting the murder now, he was to answer the charges pertaining to unlicensed ownership of a firearm. Yes, the cascade always shocks you. The once scholar now murderer could have been humble enough to accept a punishment that follows assault but unfortunately death became part of the story. Now he had to answer questions pertaining to the first-degree crime. Crazy right?

No matter how tough the situation we fall into is, we always have another option. Whenever we see a red button there is always a green one to press. The green one is usually the best one to press. The reason why we fail to see the other option is that we put our brains on hold in favor of fury. At times, the brain would be in charge but it would have accepted malicious and toxic wisdom.  The brain would have believed the wrong gospel.  Before we consider second chances, how about we consider the other option.  This is the best way to avoid misfortune after accepting that we have one chance to make a choice.  The rest that occurs is beyond human control.  This message comes to promote peace in our societies.  I hope you got it right. 

In times of indecision, always choose life.


  1. So true. Like is made up of choices and there is always another way. The key is to cool off first then decide on which way to go. Emotions make us act irrationally and many a times we end up regretting.

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